How to Clean an Air Purifier Filter

It’s always a good thing if we can breathe in fresh and clean air, and one great manner of ensuring that is if you have an air purifier. There are several different kinds of air purifiers, but the majority of them are cleaned in a similar fashion.

One of the main things an air purifier uses to clean the air is through the use of special filters. Therefore, if you want to maintain good air quality you must keep the filters in your air purifier clean so it performs to its best ability.

How to Clean an Air Purifier

Air filters can get clogged over time and then either the motor will eventually get overheated and not function properly or the filter will be caked with dirt and debris and need to be cleaned or replaced, depending on the way your air purifier works. Most should be cleaned about every two months, depending on how much dust or irritants are in your air.

Firstly, it is best if you have the manual for your air purifier so you can follow the exact cleaning directions, however, most types of air purifiers are cleaned in a similar manner. So, here are some generic directions for cleaning your air purifier:

Air Purifier Cleaning Instructions

The first thing you must do prior to beginning to clean the air purifier is to assemble the correct cleaning gear. What you need is a microfiber cloth or some other type of clean, soft material. You also need some type of small, soft brush to use to clean off the components of the air purifier and its filter. You might also need the use of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning out dust or dirt embedded in the filter.

Next, turn off the air purifier and unplug it from the electric socket. You want to follow safety first and don’t want to be shocked in the process of cleaning it. Next, take the air purifier to an area with good ventilation. It could get dusty during the cleaning process so you need to be where you can breathe easily during the process. Plus, you don’t want the pollutants from the dirty filter to re-infect the air in your home.

Next, take the microfiber cloth or the soft cloth and get it moist, not too wet, just moist enough to be able to use it to wipe off the exterior of the air purifier. Don’t put any soap or other cleaning products on the cloth, just warm water.Then, use the small brush to brush off any outside vents, cracks or crevices on the purifier. Make sure you get it all off. Then it’s time to open it up and clean the inside of the purifier.

The majority of air purifiers have either a handle or button you need to push in order to get the cover off. If not, there will be a screw or two you must remove with an appropriate screwdriver. Don’t use a tremendous amount of force in trying to remove the cover, as you don’t want to break the purifier. It should come off easily.

Once you have the cover off the purifier, it’s time to remove the filters. The air purifier may have both a carbon filter as well as a HEPA filter, depending on the type or brand of air purifier. Use the vacuum cleaner hose attachment to suck out the excess dirt or dust you can see inside the purifier.

If some of the dirt or dust doesn’t seem to come off the filters, you can rinse them off in a bit of water and squeeze out the remaining dirt or dust. Never soak the filters, and always wash them by hand, not in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Some air purifiers may have a humidifier. If so, take out its filter and soak it for ten minutes in a bucket of room temperature water. Then, after the time has passed, wipe it down with your soft cloth.

Prior to reinserting all the filters, you must allow them to dry. It’s best to dry them in a sunny spot for several hours or possibly overnight. If needed, prior to putting them out to dry, you can squeeze out any excess water.

After the filters are dry, it’s time to put the air purifier back together again. Make sure you get the filters back in correctly. Note: sometimes there are little arrows showing how they go back in.

Next, plug the air purifier back into the wall socket and turn it on. Let it run and listen to see if it sound like it is working properly. If all is well, then you have completed your mission of cleaning your air purifier.


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