Holmes HAP706-U True HEPA Mini Tower Air Purifier Review

Holmes HAP706-U True HEPA Mini Tower Allergen Remover

Holmes HAP706-U,  Holmes Mini Tower Allergen Remover is probably the particular thing you need urgently. It is a pure way to enhance your home environment, personal comfort and wellness. It prevents you from persistent allergy or a number of respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Holmes HAP706-U, Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover filters and reconditions the air for optimum freshness and comfort. It eliminates 99 .97% of 0 .3 micron airborne allergies from the air that runs through the filter leaving a balance of clean inhalation and renewed air. Impurities are eliminated from air passing through the filtration system and replaced with breaths of nourishing air. Holmes Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier, Holmes HAP706-U is ideal for allergy victims with 99 .97% true HEPA filtration.

Holmes HAP706-U True HEPA Mini Tower Air Purifier

Holmes HAP706-U Features

  • True HEPA filter removing about 99 .97% of airborne allergens
  • Holmes HAP706-U Air Purifier with space saving tower style for rooms about 80 sq ft
  • Traps dust, smoke, mold spores and pollen ; CADR of 55


  • Can be put on the desk, shelf, table or nightstand. You can put it anywhere you desire
  • It runs quietly
  • Ease of setup and simple controls


  • Can not be used for inhabited space; users, pets and plants must remain outside of the space being cleaned until the cycle quits
  • The unit can get a bit noisy when turned up more than halfway


Holmes HAP706-U, Holmes True HEPA Mini Allergen Remover is capable of creating a pleasant and good environment with clean and fresh air. For those looking for a strong, buy-worthy air purifier with excellent power and strength, the Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover HAP706-U is the perfect choice. Not only will it remove dusts, disgusting smells and chemical fumes, but also it is a long-lasting solution that will save you hundreds of dollars on medical bills.

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