How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Room

Cigarette smell inside your room is a tough issue if you are the one or one of your family is smoking. You may be trying various ways to get rid of cigarette smell in your whole room but without success. Cigarette smell may be delicate for your guest when get-together happens at your home without any knowledge whether the guest is having respiratory problem or allergy.

Your children may be suffocated and acquire asthma because of cigarette smell. If putting an end of smoking is really not your goal or it is difficult for you to ditch cigarette, we’ve gathered solutions to your problem.

How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Room

3 Tips to Avoid Cigarette Smell in Your Room

Before we take forward for advanced solution to get cigarette smell out of your room, we will try first the basics. To avoid accumulating smell inside your room, still the best way to do is to prevent the smell inside. These tips may be cliché for you but we often hear that “prevention is better than cure".

  • As much as possible, smoke outdoor. Smoking outdoor may be less comfortable than sitting in your couch, but if getting rid of cigarette smell is still your issue, this is one of the preventions. Cold or rainy weather may occur anytime. If it happens, smoking near the window while wide open is a good idea, though, some smoke particles will still be present but it will be lessen.
  • Clean ashtray in a daily basis. Leaving the ashtrays with its ash and cigarette’s butt still there, the smell will stay as is. The smell of cigarette continues to accumulate as long as the sources of smoke are still present. To avoid smell in room, cleaning the ashtray is also a good idea.
  • Open doors and windows after smoking. Ventilating the whole after smoking allows fresh air to enter the room. Allowing fresh air inside the room may overpower the cigarette smell.

6 Solutions to Remove Cigarette Smell in Your Room

  • Use room air purifier. Air purification by using room air purifier is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted odors inside the room especially cigarette smells. This is the best solution to your problem. It has filters and helps to shift dust and dirt. Follow the manufacturer’s manual for safety use and to find the easiest way to eliminate cigarette odors.
  • Clean fabrics in your room. Cigarette smells don’t just accumulate in your room but its smell easily sticks in your fabrics. Fabrics include your sofa covers, pillow covers, and curtains. To remove cigarette smell from you room, hand wash these fabrics or ask for laundry services to clean entirely the fabrics.
  • Clean carpets. Carpet is one of the best absorbers of dust and odors. If you were smoking inside your room for a long time, carpet absorbs all the dusts and smells coming from your cigarette. Even you use cigarette smoke air purifier and odor-eliminator spray, if carpet is not cleaned entirely, the cigarette smells might still be there. Whether your opt for carpet cleaning services or use commercialized carpet cleaner – as long as it cleans the carpet thoroughly – is a good choice.
  • Clean windows and mirrors. Mirrors also attract dust and dirt. Buy trusted mirror-cleaner products and make sure to read the manufacturer’s guide to avoid scratches to you window and mirror. It is an important factor when getting rid of cigarette smell in your room. To eliminate totally the cigarette smell, you must clean all the dust and smoke carriers for as long as the carriers have the dust and dirt of cigarettes, the odor will stay.
  • Clean the entire room. If you are really serious in eliminating smell of cigarettes inside your room, you will do every possible way to get rid of it. Cleaning the entire room before using air purifier and filterer will give 100% assurance that the unwanted smell will not be present anymore. Clean every corner – the ceiling and the floor – to have the best result of freshening your room because smokes and dust accumulate even through the most concealed part of the room. You can ask for cleaning department to do the work or do it by yourself, but just make sure that every corner will be entirely cleaned.
  • Buy new furniture or re-upholster your sofa. As I mentioned earlier, cleaning fabrics is an important factor to eliminate odors but the main fabrics of sofa may still be there. If you have enough budget to re-upholster your sofa, you can do this step to get rid of cigarette smell.

Doing every steps mentioned above will help you in many ways to eliminate entirely the cigarette smell inside your room. If you are serious to stop smoking inside your room and do every step of this blog.

Say goodbye to cigarette smell, and enjoy fresh and pleasant room all day!