Effects Of Secondhand Smoke

Smoking used to be so normal that students and teachers would smoke and it would be uncool not to be a smoker. Now that we know better about cigarettes, it is uncool to be the one smoking. Part of this has to do with the effects of secondhand smoke.

Effects Of Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is when someone who is not smoking inhales smoke. While secondhand smoke is technically any smoke breathed in by a non-smoker, it has come to focus on smoke that is breathed in without consent.

What are the effects of secondhand smoke? Let’s take a look.

Lung Cancer From Secondhand Smoke Is Possible

We all know that smoking is bad because one of the major side effects is lung cancer. But many people believe that they can’t get cancer from secondhand smoke. This is not true. Most of the cancer causing substances are still inhaled by those who aren’t smoking. While very little levels of exposure will not cause cancer, the more secondhand smoke that you are exposed to, the higher the chance of getting cancer.

Other types of cancer become more common to. Lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer from secondhand smoke but many other parts of the body are damaged as the chemicals from cigarette smoke are breathed in.

Serious Medical Side Effects

Exposure to secondhand smoke can lead to numerous, serious medical side effects. For babies it can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and for adults it can lead to having a stroke. While the second condition can be survived, the first is obviously lethal.

As far as less lethal conditions go, you can find the following side effects:

You Get Sick More Often

Not all of the side effects of secondhand smoke are as bad as others. Those who have exposure to secondhand smoke are more likely to get sick. By sick we mean, they are more likely to get the common cold. Any kind of respiratory sickness is more likely as the lungs become compromised by the smoke. Bronchitis and pneumonia are also more common among those exposed to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand Smoke Exposure For Pregnant Women Is Dangerous

Women who are pregnant should avoid secondhand smoke at all costs. Exposure to even a little amount of smoke can cause problems for the baby. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the conditions that can be caused by cigarette smoke. Birth defects and asthma problems can also result from a mother’s exposure to secondhand smoke during pregnancy.

Before conception and during pregnancy, secondhand smoke can cause problems with a woman’s reproductive system. Not just the fetus. Chief among these problems is low birth weight. A baby born with a low weight can suffer from a number of problems and it makes the growth of a baby extremely difficult.

No Secondhand Smoke Is Safe

When it comes to cigarette smoke, no amount is safe. You shouldn’t be breathing in any. Even when you are walking by a smoker. Some people justify smoking in public as a little bit of smoke here and there is fine for those who breathe it in. Even a little bit of smoke can affect your system.

Now that you know some of the effects of secondhand smoke, you will begin to realize the need to eliminate smoking from our society. Or at least, from public places. The supreme court in the United States has already ruled that you do not have a constitutional right to smoke cigarettes and as such they can be banned from any place.

Do you want to breath in cigarette smoke? With the effects of secondhand smoke, do you want anyone you know to be exposed to that?

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