Effectiveness of Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

One of the vital things we need for existence and survival is the air we breathe, not just barely air, but is clean, safe, easy and relaxing for our lungs. In each of our places, we have different temperature, humidity and environment that may have adverse effect on our body. Pollution on air is not just restricted on outdoor places, but is also applicable inside our homes. And to easily control and regulate these, most of homes today have an air purifier and humidifier.

Effectiveness of Air Purifier and Humidifier

What are these items? Well, you might be hearing these terminologies and might consider these synonymous, but here’s the difference between these two considering their main functions.

Air purifiers clean enclosed air on our home, removing the dust particles on air as well as other contaminants like smoke and other substances that may cause allergies and toxins. Air purifiers do not affect the moisture content or the humidity level of the air, only those that makes the air dirty or dusty. Thus, the one whose job is to increase the level of air humidity is the humidifier. It does not make the air we breathe more clean, rather it adds water on the air, making the relative humidity higher. It emits steam or water vapor to increase moisture level of the air.

Having both items can be beneficial on our home, considering the functions specified as helpful in our everyday living especially on times of winter for areas with such weather.

The air purifier has its filters which directly separates the particles with the air. Most of us have pets on our home and no doubt, most of them contributes on the dusts or dirt of the air. We may have also encountered unpleasant odor, stains and smells from their urines. Such effects are disturbing especially to those who has respiratory disorders. Through using air purifiers, this can lessen, if not eliminate, such odor and dirt to avoid worsening of any health problems and making our home fresher despite of these pets’ odor. Having also these air purifiers avoids asthma attack for those who have such illness, since it eliminates allergenic particles that might trigger such attacks.

Humidifiers, on the other hand, has also its benefits in making air more breathable. In places where there is winter, most people experience chapped and dry skin, cracked lips, dry sinuses and nose bleeding. Through using humidifiers at home, we can prevent dryness in the nasal passages and mouth, reduce probable symptom of colds and cough and improve sleeping comfort ability. But be more vigilant also while using humidifiers as it may also implicate negative effect when improperly used. In time the humidifier is improperly maintained or if its humidity level is too high, it might produce molds and bacteria that are also harmful. Regular cleaning and descaling of the appliance is necessary to assure that it still functions safely with no buildup of undesired items. If user has asthma, it is also best to consult first your physician before using humidifiers.

Due to current innovation and needs of the people, our market today offers a combination of the air purifier and humidifier in one item. This is a useful and effective solution to a home which needs both cleansing and purification of air and its humidity. So how does it work? The air purifier humidifier works together for the air purification and quality. The purifier cleanses the air while the humidifier maintains and improves it quality condition. While the humidifier works in regulating the air moisture, those dust and other harmful particles are then trapped in the water. With this, it increases the possibility of affecting man’s health. In this instance, the purifier works in contrary to this action; it starts to clean the air by removing those dust and particles as its default task.

As a guide, this air purifier and humidifier combination should be placed on a central space so it can accommodate your home’s space while it works. Avoid placing it near the wall for this will reduce the capability for air purification. The air purifier should be dominant on the area it covers it order to purify all the air in the area.

So, this is how it works. May this be helpful as we maintain a good breathing air in all our daily living areas.

Image credit by Marco Verch

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