Do Smoke Detectors Detect Weed?

The answer to the question do smoke detectors detect weed or when someone is smoking some marijuana depends on the type of smoke detector! In 2015 a smoke detector came on the market that can indeed detect if someone is smoking weed over if they are smoking a regular cigar or cigarette tobacco product. It’s known as AirGuard.

Smoke Detectors Detect Weed

This type of smoke detector not only can detect smoke from somewhere or something, it knows if there is a person currently smoking this very second. It is geared to recognize, as well as record and measure things like nicotine molecules in the smoke, as well as any third hand type of smoke. This smoke detector reads the amount of thirdhand smoke on things like clothing, carpet or furniture in a room.

Thirdhand smoke is when something is contaminated via smoke that lingers in the area even after someone puts out any type of tobacco or marijuana cigarette, vaping tool, cigar, etc. It does this by using a special kind of polymer film that is sensitive to certain chemicals in the air. This is why this type of smoke detector can detect weed, as the chemicals it recognizes often are very commonly found in smoke from marijuana products.

Researchers from University of York have done studies that say the max risk one can get from being exposed to thirdhand smoke equals the same as causing one more case of a person developing cancer per each 1,000 people exposed to it.

It also detects secondhand smoke, which is what someone is forced to inhale if you are in the same room as a smoker.

However, when it comes to vaping marijuana, it likely cannot detect it as the majority of the time a vaping device doesn’t put out enough smoke to set off the smoke detector, according to the makers of this new smoke detector. It works via Android Bluetooth devices such as a smart phone or via Wi-fi to inform the owners of the smoke detector of the presence of smoke from weed.

This new smoke detector allows the owners to program it remotely via their Internet capable device and design it to their specific needs, i.e. if it is in a public place such as a hotel room or in a more private area such as a dorm room. The owner gets the info and can do with it what they will. There is a handheld and a plug in version.

It is said to be much stronger than a normal smoke detector, which of course can detect all kinds of smoke, including that of someone smoking weed, however they can’t tell the owners if the smoke came from weed or any other sort of thing that could cause smoke, it merely detects smoke in general.

All in all, regular smoke detectors can’t actually detect weed per say, but they can tell if there is smoke in a room. So, depending on the type of smoke detector being used, we can answer the question of do smoke detectors detect weed with an answer of yes, if this special kind of smoke detector is installed, and no if it is only a regular kind of smoke detector meant to warn people of a fire hazard.

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