Air Purifier Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Air Purifier

Air Purifier Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right Air Purifier

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that the air quality inside their home is better than outside, but that is often not the case. The same nasty old air in your home can be recycled over and over again, becoming increasingly worse by the day. If you want to provide good quality indoor air for you and your family, you need to invest in a good air purifier. There are literally thousands of different brands and models on the market, which can make things very confusing for the average consumer. Let’s look at some things to consider when buying an air purifier.

The first thing to think about is the reason why you are buying the air purifier in the first place. If your goal is to bring relief to someone with allergy issues, you should be on the lookout for an air purifier that contains a HEPA filter. As much as 99.7% of all airborne allergens are taken care of by purifiers containing these filters, which will vastly improve the air quality in the room. There are also purifiers designed to tackle smoke, odors and other air quality issues in the home.

The second thing to think about is the size of the room or space where the air purifier will be used. You will want one that can adequately purify the square footage of your space. Furthermore, people who have issues with allergies will want to pay attention to the air change per hour (ACH) rate delivered by the air purifier. What this refers to is the number of times that the purifier cleans out the space in the course of an hour. And ACH of at least 4 is recommended for those with allergies and other breathing issues.

The higher priced air purifiers come with a variety of different features, many of which you may not actually need. While it’s certainly nice to have access to all those features, you can more than likely find one with all the features you need at a much more affordable price. That said, of you want total control over the quality of the air in your space, you should choose a unit with a host of different features.

The next thing to consider is the placement of your air purifier, with many people choosing the bedroom, as this is the room where you spend the largest amount of time. Since air purifiers are only designed to work in a certain amount of space, you may need to invest in more than one unit if you want to cover additional spaces. Alternatively, you can invest in a whole house purifier, which basically attaches to your existing HVAC system. This type of unit purifies the air in your entire home when the heating or AC is running.

With so many different options to choose from, there really shouldn’t be a problem finding a good air purifier that fits your budget. You just need to make sure that the one you choose fits all your specific needs.

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