Best Brondell O2+ True HEPA Air Purifier Review

The Brondell air purifier is trusted in the home fixture and air purifier industry. People buy them to reduce the amount of dust and debris particles in the air, eliminate mold spores and allergens, and create a much healthier, more comfortable home. Questions arise about which one to buy based on size of the room, level of filtration, and efficiency.

We have done the research for you. Explore our comprehensive guide to Brondell air purifiers and learn how they can improve air quality and help you breathe more comfortably all year round.

Brondell O2+ Source Air Purifier with True HEPA and Carbon Filtration for Odor and VOCs

Brondell O2+ True HEPA Air Purifier

The Brondell O2+ Air Purifier is a air cleaning device that catches any type of dust, pollen or odor present in a room. It is a considerable machine to keep the dust pollutants out of reach from your nose. This purifier consists of the HEPA Filtration mechanism. It also contains the granulated carbon technology that makes sure that you receive the fresh and pollutant free air for breathing.

It has the dimensions of 13.2*7.8*24.5 inches, which makes it a perfect size for the 300 sq. feet of room size. With its 13 pound weight it can easily be carried from one room to another unless it is being moved by children. It has four types of operational and automatic controls, which adjust the machine settings according to the quality of the air in the area.

The Brondell O2+ air purifier has four modes which are shown by different colored lights. The blue light shows that the air is completely clean. The purple light shows that the air is moderate. The green shows that the air quality is good and the red light shows that the air quality is very poor. The system units also have the signal when it needs to show that the filter needs to be changed. This helps in purifying the air more effective. The air purifier doesn’t make any disturbing noises though it does have a light buzzing sound when the setting are turned all the way to highest.


  • Minimalist design and simple intuitive touch technology control panel
  • Easy to set up
  • It runs quietly without making any weird and annoying sounds


  • It has a high rate of consuming the power as compared to some other unit systems

Brondell O2+ Halo True HEPA Allergy Air Purifier, Certified for 242 Square Feet and 5.5 Air Changes Per Hour, model PH10-B

The Brondell O2+ Halo True HEPA Allergy Air Purifier is just what you need to safeguard the air in your house. This single unit will ensure that up to 242 square feet of room will have clean, purified air. The filter is a three-stage allergy air purifier that removes pollen, ragweed, dust, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, off-gassing VOCs and even removes cooking and pet odors out of the air. The first stage of the filter system is a micron mesh filter that can be easily removed and is washable. This washable micron mesh filter helps to extend the life of the other two filters by capturing 99.9% of the large dirt and dust particles. The second stage of the filter system is a woven carbon filter. This carbon filter is responsible for reducing smoke and other odors as well as effectively diminishing harmful off-gassing VOCs including formaldehyde and benzene. The third and final stage of the filter is the trueHEPA filter which removes 99.97% of particles and allergens above 0.3 microns.

The Brondell O2+ Air Purifier can be set to auto-mode, or 3 different manual modes depending on how well you would like your air purified. If the air quality outside isn’t the greatest or you are cleaning and dusting, it can be set to the highest mode to purify the air the best, or if it is just a normal day, it can be set to a lower mode, the choice is yours with this model. This model also has an air quality indicator to let you know, at a glance, if the air quality is excellent, moderate or poor, so you know whether you should adjust the cleaning mode. As the unit purifies the air, the indicator will change to let you know it is working. If it is set to auto, it will automatically adjust itself to purify the air the best. This unit also has a filter change indicator to let you know when the filter needs cleaned or changed. This helpful display guarantees that your Brondell O2+ is performing at its best.

The Brondell O2+ Air Purifier is pretty light-weight, coming in at just under 17 pounds. It is also compact, measuring only 24.6” high, 13.8” wide and only 8.5” in depth. It also features an integrated handle to make it easily transportable from room to room. The polished look and smaller design of the Brondell O2+ are sure to be an attractive, practical and functional addition to any décor.

Brondell O2+ Source Air Purifier


  • Compact size and sleek looking
  • Air quality indicator and auto mode
  • AHAM Verified, Energy Star and California ARB certified


  • It does not have its own remote control system

Brondell O2+ Balance Air Purifier with True HEPA and Carbon Filtration for Odor and VOCs

The Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier is a portable device that has been developed with quality HEPA mechanical filters to achieve an adequate carbon filtration system which maintains a proper balance of air for good health according to the safety standards. This device has been designed for private use in residential homes or small offices, but it can also be used in laboratories within educational institutions and in the early childcare centers to ensure that the quality of air in these places is safe for everyone.

Apart from purifying the air we breathe, the Brondell O2 + Balance also performs functions such as eliminating odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may be present in our environment. Harmful gases can only be detected in the air with specialized laboratory equipment designed to test the quality of air. Without this equipment, there is no way to confirm that the air we are breathing is safe, which means people with respiratory disorder face potential dangers due to air pollutants. The Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier eliminates the need for frequent air testing because it is designed to filter your air to eliminate carbon and VOCs; its special functions also include the removal of odor. Carbon when present in the air displaces oxygen which we need to breathe in, and for this reason, we need more oxygen and less carbon in our living areas.

Volatile organic compounds are emitted from some chemicals which could either be in solid or liquid form. In many cases, only chemists who are experienced in detecting these gases can know which chemicals in and around the home are potentially VOCs. This Brondell air purifier has High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) mechanical filters which have the absorbency capacity to eliminate VOCs; this means you don’t have to acquire expert knowledge about air pollutants to stay safe in your homes. By placing one of the Brondell O2 + Balance Air Purifier units in different parts of your home such as the living room, the bedrooms, and offices, you are sure that the air in these areas will be free from dangerous air pollutants and repulsive odor. The Brondell air purifier can also be used in school classrooms, and in early childcare educational centers where this device can be placed in the playhouse for little children.

Brondell O2+ Balance Air Purifier


  • The Brondell air purifier comes with a wireless remote control for convenience
  • It has a user-friendly touch control panel
  • Users can choose from four operation modes: auto mode, night mode, Eco mode and fan speed mode


  • Frequent maintenance due to clogging of the purifier’s filters

The Brondell air purifier for your home, office, or any other space depends on square footage, personal sense of style, and how much load the filter system will get from airborne particles. Regardless of the model choice, this brand name delivers excellent air purification power. We researched these air filter machines so you can find the best option for you the first time you buy. Wherever you want to reduce dust, combat allergic responses to pet dander, minimize asthma issues, and just breathe easier, the Brondell air purifier may be the best choice to make.