Commercial Ozone Generator Air Purifier 4000mg Review

New Commercial Ozone Generator Air Purifier 4,000mg (4g) Air Cleaner Timer w/ UV Sterilizer

Pungent smells and odors that stick in your walls and carpets can be hard to get rid of, and many air purifiers and ionizers on the market have a hard time removing them. A good alternative to regular air purifiers and odor-masking scents is an ozone generator. Ozone generators are an excellent way to remove tough odors from any space, and the BFA Commercial Ozone Generator from is the best tool for the job.

The Commercial Ozone Generator Air Purifier is an air-purifying cleaning system used to eliminate offensive smells from both commercial and non-commercial buildings by creating ozone in the environment. with other products that are strictly air purifiers. Ozone, sometimes known as “super oxygen,” is much like regular oxygen, but it has three elements instead of two (O2 = oxygen, O3 = ozone). The ozone generator effectively pushes chemicals and pollutants out of the air using ozone, but it should not be confused.

Commercial Ozone Generator 4000mg

New Commercial Ozone Generator Features

  • Three large ozone plates that slide easily in and out of the generator for cleaning
  • Powerful fan that disperses ozone in up to 4000 square feet of space
  • Pushes 4000 mg of ozone per hour
  • Includes a built-in timer so the cleaning lasts only as long as you want it to


  • The generator is compact, so it won't take up much room, and the lightweight build makes it highly portable
  • Long-lasting and durable, build using commercial grade materials
  • Cleans odors quickly so you can get back to using your space in no time
  • Product also uses a UV sterilizer


  • Not meant for use in occupied spaces; basically, you need to leave the building until at least an hour after the cleaning is done.
  • Warranty isn't listed for the product; customers have to contact the seller for information.
  • Unit needs to be cleaned every 3-6 months.


When you see the price of all the other ozone generators out there, it's hard to turn down this unit. The excellent quality of both the cleaning power and the strong build make BFA's Commercial Ozone Machine, and you can't beat the effectiveness of this tough little unit. Other ozone generators range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and can break down quickly. If you've got tough, unpleasant odors permeating your home or business, you need the New Commercial Ozone Generator from BFA. It's a quick, convenient and effective solution to stubborn odors that don't want to leave.​

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